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hours, though, will be breezy around the bay and near 70 inland and the coast it will be coolest in the upper 50's. >> breaking news in virginia, details are emerging after a shooting at a military base that left three marines dead including the suspect. it happened at marine base quantico in virginia, the suspected shooter killed a man and a female colleague before killing himself. there is no word of a mettive. -- word of a motive. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, will have more in 30 minutes. the archbishop of san francisco is making comments against gays and lesbians marrying before the supreme court considers the ban in california on same-sex marriage. core -- cornell is live with
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more. >> as proposition 8 heads to the supreme court, the archbishop is speaking candidly about same-sex marriage saying he respects differing opinions but wants do make it very clear that he opposed it. he tells "usa today" that he realized many people in san francisco disagree with the church's teachings on marriage and sex but there is a deeply embedded catholic culture here. the archbishop goes on to say that "marriage should be between a man and a woman and to legalize it makes mothers and fathers irrelevant." his beliefs have not been popular and many have protested outside of st. mary's but public opinion on same-sex marriage has shifted not only is the president supportive, his administration has filed a legal brief with the supreme court. crisperry and sandy of one of two couples behind the lawsuit challenging prop 8. >> if we prevail, if lower court
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rulings are reversed and proposition 8 goes away was our goal, we will have reached our objective. it will also send a message to the rest of the country. >> it is not about same-sex marriage but the question of whether marriage should be redefined to eliminate the only institution that makes kids with moms and dads. >> plaintiffs say they are not trying to redefine marriage but they want access. the archbishop says no matter what the high court rules the debate over marriage will never really be over. >> 5:04. a warning for bank customers on the peninsula. an a.t.m. at the bank on burlingame avenue was compromised with a card skimming device. the numbers on the cards put in the a.t.m. were swiped and the scamers were able to obligate the banking information of several victim and they warn anyone who used that branch to check their banking statements.
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>> in the east bay a search is underway for a bank robber. the bank was hit in the middle of the day. no word on how much cash was taken this man is responsible, and police hope someone recognized him. he walked in the bank and demanded money. he is almost 6' tall with a heavy build. >> two oakland city council members accused of ethic violations deny the allegations. we told you of the story yesterday on the abc7 morning news and the oakland city auditor claims that brooks and reed told city employees who should get a $2 million demolition contract for the old oakland army base. brooks is accused of interfering with the hiring for construction of a teen center and the audit says reed ordered city employees to waive an aide's parking
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ticket. >> i have been official for 14 years and staff person for 15 years, and out of 30 years of being an employee of the city of oakland, now, suddenly, city staff is afraid of me? i don't think that is the case. >> brooks did not return our calls. the audit has been forwarded to the state, the d.a., and the f.b.i. to determine if any laws have been broken. >> president obama is wrapping up his visit to israel by paying respects to heroes of the percent state and victims of the holocaust and visiting the birthplace of jesus and he will travel to jordan to meet with a top ally in the region. we are joined live from washington, dc with more from our reporter there. >> good morning, kristen. a busy and historic three days if president obama in the middle east. today he holds final meetings with the israelis and palestinians. >> on the final day in israel, president obama paid tribute to the history of the jewish people laying wreaths at the graves of
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israeli cultural icons and remembers victims of the holocaust on a tour of a memorial in israel. >> they were men and women and children, so many children, sent to their deaths because of who they were, how they prayed or who they loved. >> the trip has been rich with symbolism. he reaffirmed the united states alliance in a send off toast with israeli leaders. in a speech to israeli college students the president tried to rekindle hope that peace with palestinians is possible. >> political leaders will never take risks if the people do not push them to take risks. you must create the change that you want to seek. >> the message was warmly received, but a protester stole some of the spotlight. >> i have to say we arranged for
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that because it made me feel at home. >> the president now heads to jordan where protests are part of the challenges he faces. >> yesterday he did not do anything on the guns. but the focus was okay. >> president obama meets this afternoon with jordan's king, a key ally of the united states in the middle east, but the violence in syria is at the top of the agenda. >> eric and christian? >> thank you very much at 5:08. time to check with meteorologist, mike nicco, and the bay area forecast. and the weekend. >> starting off with a beautiful picture from sutro tower in san francisco looking at downtown all the way over to the east bay hills, just a beautifully clean air mass this morning in the one that will give us a lot of sunshine and temperatures are warmer than yesterday from four degrees in santa rosa to five degrees in concord and oakland and 15 in san francisco and eight degrees warmer than
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yesterday in fremont and san jose. temperatures right now when you step out, 41 in palo alto and petaluma are the cooler spots and santa clara and pleasanton and american canyon the coast at 39 and 52 in fairfield and the financial district is 50. 42 in saratoga and richmond is at 48 and walnut creek is 45. today, most of us in the low-to-mid 40's through 7:00 and the coast is stuck in the 50's while we hit the low-to-mid 50's at noon around the bay and inland and upper 60's to 70 at 6:00, and 7:00 still in the low sits. tomorrow, almost as warm as today and not quite so breezy and our warm of the day is sunday with temperatures well above average away from the coast. sue? >> big trouble both issues sig-alerts. we will go to a shot of san jose southbound 280, we have three
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right lanes blocked, a fatal accident, you can see c.h.p. is on the scene directing the left lane only getting by, with cones and flares out. the coroner is on the scene. it will be some time before this is cleared. it is a fatal accident, south 280, the alternate as the commute is underway in earnest is taking south 280 to north 880 and north 880 to south 101. the other sig-alert, a big problem getting out of marin county, boulders are in the lanes and several cars have hit the big rocks and all lanes, now, are shut down, southbounds with no, a says to the golden gate bridge and you want to take a ferry or the richmond san rafael bridge to get around and we will follow this with c.h.p. on the scene to flare off and get one lane open but right now, no access southbound 101 into san francisco. >> tough morning on the roads,
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we will check back with sue later. >> still ahead, thieves target a popular recreation facility at uc berkeley and students could be unwittingly helping the thieves. >> pitting neighbors against a school district. a community does
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los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is
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abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:14. the golden gate bridge is empty. why is that, sue? (inaudible). >> there are boulders in the road and cars have hit the boulders so past the waldo, all lanes of 101 are closed. sausalito entrance is not blocked so that is a good alternate. it will be rather jammed and the other alternate to get around is richmond san rafael bridge if you are coming from further north from marin county. c.h.p. is on the scene trying to get flares out there so one lane should get by shortly south 101 leaving the waldo tunnel approaching the president reagan bridge all -- golden gate bridge all lanes are shut down with boulders in the roadway. >> sig-alert northbound and sig-alert southbound.
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uc berkeley police are warning students of a crime spree at the gym. 25 thefts have been reported at the recreational sports facility. campus police say people do not keep an eye on their things when they are working out and police do not know if this is one person or a group of people committing the thefts. police say students should use common sense and lock away their belongings. >> residences of a peninsula neighborhood are against a new elementary school opening because the area is not safe for children. the street that fronts hoover elementary is on the border of burlingame and a group of neighbors whose home faces the school want a full environmental impact study before the school opens. they say they are not against the school re-opening but they concerned the roads are too narrow with blind curves on the road where there are no sidewalks. >> there is not, really, one street or road for a kid to walk
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on safely without being intolerable danger. >> the school district will widen the street to make room for increaseed traffic which would be several hundred cars a day. a traffic study found no safety issues. >> the san francisco planning commission has approved an environmental study for a new downtown development including a new home for the mexican museum which was formed in 1975 is located at a temporary headquarters in for the mason but there isn't enough room at that site to display more than 14,000 objects spanning from prehispanic times to the present. the developer is proposing to remodel historic building at 3rd and mission street including four floors no the museum and a new high-rise on an adjacent vacant lot containing housing and retail business. >> we are following breaking traffic news with all lanes
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blocked southbound 101 south of the waldo tunnel toward the golden gate bridge and 280 body was found. sue hall is getting more information on that. >> those are both sig-alerts. >> a look at the forecast, where it is much quieter. >> absolutely, breezy in some spots but much quieter than it has been early in the week. good morning, everyone, you want some mild weather? how about away from the coast on a friday evening? that is what we have. live doppler 7 hd showing you how dry the air has become and not a radar return found. the fastest breezes are in the central valley and our wind advisory was canceled but this is going to continue for the better part of today. if you are traveling through the central valley, watch out, you will have a nice, stiff, north wind blowing out you around so it could be a problem on high
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profile vehicle. we are 47 in san francisco and san jose, oakland is warm at 48. palo alto is at 41 and walnut creek is 42. the winds in the central valley as you look at fairfield temperature: 52 degrees. that is the wind keeping them up and napa is at 39 and livermore at 40 and los gatos at 41 and dress for 43 in santa rosa and hayward is 44, it does feel a little bit cooler than the temperatures would suggest because of the wins this morning. we will have sunny, breezy, and mild temperatures today, and it will be clear, calmer and cooler tonight and our warmth this afternoon is coming on sunday falling on the weekend. high pressure looks familiar the same set up has kept us so dry this year. this with the dry and warm onshore winds are why we will be warmer-than-average today and tonight cooler with a lost 30's inland and 40's around the bay. our temperatures today are going
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to be almost the same tomorrow, we could shave off a degree or two but the third sunday, and we pull back on monday and tuesday and wednesday and thursday it should be the coolest days with 60's away from the coast and you will stay in the 50's and a chance of rain on wednesday and light rain on thursday. sue? >> we are back to san jose, with two separate sig-alert issues, and this is in san jose south 280, you can see just the left lane getting by, three right lanes are coned off, blocked off, flared off, whatever terms you want to use and c.h.p. has a fatality. a body was found on the freeway but it is unclear whether this person was walking on the freeway or got out of the car. the coroner is on the scene. this will be an ongoing investigation the morning. the way around it is to take south 280 to north 880 and north 880 back to south 101 to get around this southbound 280. try to avoid that area. the other serious situation we
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have is leaving marin county, southbound 101 beyond the waldo tunnel, boulders are in the roadway and cars hit the boulders and now all lanes are blocked and no word on if c.h.p. has one lane open. right now, though, beyond the waldo, no access to the golden gate bridge from sausalito, though, you still can get on the golden gate bridge but it is not a great alternate. the best alternate is to take the richmond san rafael bridge but otherwise it will be a big mess from marin county and golden gate and sausalito barracks are a great way to get around. >> acura is in the headlights over corrosion concerns. >> congress tells the postal service "not so fast" over a plan to save $2 billion so you may be getting mail on saturday may be getting mail on saturday fo [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies.
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well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at® you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small.
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>> saturday mail delivery may not go away yet. the postal service does not have the authority to end the delivery without the okay from congress. the postal service wants to switch to five-day service in august to save $2 billion a year but the gao says a spending bill passed by congress last year gives lawmakers the power to deny that cut. the postal service says it disagrees with the opinion and will consider their next move. >> the maker of "monster" is making a change to the labels showing the caffeine content of the drink, a big move because energy drinks have been under government scrutiny over reports of deaths and people getting
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sick. figure drinks are not required to reveal their content because they are sold as dietary supplements rather than beverages. the f.d.a. is studying whether to make changes. a 16-ounce consequence of "monster" has 180 milligrams of caffeine four times the typical cola. >> apple is adding an extra layer of security for itunes. here is the business report. >> good morning, a recall this morning involving hob -- honda, the acura for 22 cold weather states because the salt can corrode the electric control units and make it stall. apple is benefiting up customer security on itunes saying the new optional two step verification gives an add level of security for those who decide to use it. when you log on you get a pass
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code sent to your device. >> and "wall street journal" says united health group forecast health premiums could double because of the cost of new national health care laws and skyrocketing medical costs. that is the new york stock exchange for jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, everyone, the abc7 news traffic center, we have a situation developing breaking news from marin county, southbound 101 is sig-alert is issued, beyond the waldo tunnel, multiple boulders in the roadway and the cars have hit the boulders and it is blocked access to the golden gate bridge from the waldo tunnel the we have word that left lane is only so scars are slowly getting through but that is dramatically going to affect the only commute from marin county. also, through sausalito, traffic is able to get from alexander to the golden gate bridge so a big jam up up and over the wall drove grade with c.h.p. on the
5:24 am
scene and the left lane is getting by so try the richmond and san rafael bridges and surface streets through seas latte, they will be jammed as you make your way through that area. san jose, southbound 280 there was a fatality so you need to go south 280 to south 80 to 101 to get around that. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will talk about live doppler 7 hd which is quiet until you get to oregon there is another storm system moving to the north and diving east and miss us again. temperatures are in the upper 60's through the central valley with a wind advisory. it will be a tough travel headed eastbound and westbound because the winds are headed to the not perpendicular to the vehicle, 45 in tahoe, and 88 in palm springs and headed to tahoe temperatures are near 50 for a high.
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>> 5:27. we were talking about the problems on 101 and sausalito, also, breaking news from the south bay, a body found on a freeway there shuts down some lanes to traffic. we will check back with sue hall and the abc7 news traffic center to find out what to expect. >> in virginia three marines are dead in a murder-suicide with new information released by investigators
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> we are following breaking news in san jose right now where the c.h.p. is investigating a grizzly discovery at interstate 280, a body was found there. here is a look at the scene on the southbound side of 280 at the off-ramp. >> a heavy c.h.p. presence is at the seen after a body was found
5:28 am
in a lane before 3:30 this morning. we are told it was a woman. it is not known if she was hit by cars on the freeway or died another way. a sig-alert has been issued with three lanes closed right now. >> that is not the only sig-alert. we will check with sue for traffic. >> you can see in san jose the three right lanes remain closed and the good alternate is to take 280 to north 80 north to 101 south. at the golden gate bridge we have a problem coming out of the waldo tunnel, several boulders are on the roads and cars hit the boulders and you can see no cars coming southbound, you do have access to the golden gate bridge from alexander avenue through sausalito and the left lane is getting by and we have reports in the abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is on the way. the alternate for this would be to go through sausalito or take the richmond and san rafael bridge to get around it until we get a reporter on the scene.
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two sig-alerts, not a go way to start friday morning. hopefully the weather is calmer. mike? >> it is calm we than yesterday but the wins return in the afternoon. right now the fastest wins is the ridge top and in the central valley. you can see the dry air is brought in. you will feel a dryness to it and live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it was with the lack of radar runs. we will talk about what will happen today, it will be breezy and the fastest wind at the coast with temperatures at 64 to 70 with sunshine. 55 to 60 at the coast. inland it will be mid-60's to 71 degrees. eric? >> breaking news, three marines shot at the base in quantico, virginia, katie? ought shooting is under investigation but right new we have a much better understanding of the timeline after a news conference early this morning. the shooting hand at marine
5:30 am
corps base quantico in virginia. the first sign of trouble was 9-1-1 call at 7:30. authorities were on the scene in five minutes but did not report hearing gunshots. at 8:00 p.m., security was heightened and a mass notification went out to everyone on the base. police found three bodies inside a barracks called taylor hall, an active duty marine killed two fellow active duty marines, a man and a woman. there was no stand off. the commander did not give indication as to the motive but he says no one else is in danger. >> the three marines involved in this incident were permanent personnel assigned to officers' candidate school. all of the candidates in the school are accounted for and safe. all of the other permanent personnel, as well, with the officers candidate school are
5:31 am
accounted for. >> last night all restrictions on the base were lifted at 11:30. the victims' name will not be released if 24 hours. the commander calls this is tragic loss for the marine corps. the chap lanes providing counseling for the marines on the base right now. >> katie marzullo, thank you. president obama is wrapping up a three-day trip to israel with several symbolic stops in the battled country and paid respects to the heroes, and victims of the holocaust reaffirming the jewish state right to exist. he laid a wreath at the grave of former israeli prime minister rabin who was assassinated in 1995 and at the grave of the founder of modern zionism who died in 1904 before realizing his dream of a jewish holy land. the president toured israel's memorial urging action against racism and antisemetism.
5:32 am
>> here we see their faces and we hear their voices, we look upon the objects of their lives, the art they created, the prayer books they carried. we see that even as they had hate etched in their arms they were not numbers, they were men and women and children. >> during the trip, president obama vowed unwaivering support if israel and appealed for new peace talks with the palestinians. the final stop is if jordan. >> hundreds remember a 16-year-old musician camed while crossing train tracks here his gnome. last night was emotional for friends and 19 of donae who filled the park with memories and wishes. he loved music and friends say you would see him walking on campus with a guitar and smile. on tuesday, donae was wearing head phones and listening to
5:33 am
music and was hit by an approaching train. >> he dead more to live than anyone. >> he wasn't paying attention. there is a lesson. be a lesson to all teenagers. >> the medical examiner has ruled donae's death an accident. they were planning to add fencing on that section of the track. >> san jose police are searching for aent ad paroleee he ran from officers in san jose. police cordoned off a neighborhood searching for the paroleee. he was awayed with a gun. milpitas police tried to detain the man which led to a chase that ended in san jose. officers said the man hopped several fences to get away. >> in a few hours, five bay area police department will join law enforcement agencies around the world in the first ever 24-hour police tweet athon.
5:34 am
the police departments are taking part with 160 agencies world wide trying to create awareness of police work and the issued faced by officers and promote the use of social media by law enforcement. departments will tweet various service calls starting at 8:00 this morning. agencies will all use the same hashtag. >> a preschool teacher accused of trying to drug toddlers is facing criminal charges. the prosecution filed ten misdemeanor counts of attempted child endangerment and assault yesterday against 59-year-old teacher. a fellow teacher in morgan hills said she saw the woman put the over-the-counter sleep aid into sippy cups this month. she'sed nap times for children ages one and two and the cups were taken away before the kids drank anything. >> activists are planning to
5:35 am
undress today when they stage another protest against san francisco's ban on public nudity. yesterday, a federal judge ruled against an appeal filed by nudist activists claiming the ban is unconstitutional. a federal judge previously ruled that nudity was not protected as an expression of free speech. san francisco's law took affect on february 1 and today's protest begins at noon on the front steps of city hall. >> this morning, golden gate bridge officials will raise the speed limit at the toll plaza. right now, five miles per hour is recommended in the fast track lanes, officials want to raise it to 25 miles per hour and it is expected to help traffic flow when all electronic toll collection begins next wednesday since drivers will not have to slow down to pay a toll. if you are still unsure of how to pay we have all the information on the opens for drivers on our website at we hope next week golden gate bridge will be smoother traffic
5:36 am
than north of it this morning. >> getting to the toll plazas, that is a problem this morning. sue? >> unfortunately, we have a sig-alert south 101 beyond the waldo tunnel with a road slide and boulders in the roadway. according to one of our reporters, a boulder took out the front of a mercedes and lanes are blocked. but finally, two left lanes are getting by. traffic is now coming across across the golden gate bridge. sig-alert issued with two left lanes getting by and richard san rafael bridge is another alternate southbound from marin or, better, take the ferry. lots of ferries coming from the sausalito to the city and traffic is becoming up there in to sausalito. the other problem issue is southbound 280 in san jose, this is a fatal accident, the three
5:37 am
left lanes are blocked. the alternate is 880 northbound to 101 south to get around. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will look at a beautiful picture from the east bay hills, althoughing back to the east bay and, also, to san francisco. today, temperatures compared to average, spot on in redwood city at 67 and everyone is warmer-than-average, and livermore is 70 and oakland is 69, five degrees warmer-than-average. winds are an issue in the highest will vacation and are color-coded, the yellow is fast, and the red is faster wind and most of us have ten miles per hour or less. the wins have calmed considerably since yesterday and the wind advisory was canceled and they will come back this afternoon. right now, we have 37 in petaluma for the cool spot, 39 in american canyon, and pleasanten and the financial district, pittsburg and tracy at
5:38 am
50, and fairfield at 52 and palo alto now at 40 and if you are headed to santa clara and san lap drove dress for 43 degrees and yawn city is 47. temperatures hang in the 40's through 7:00 and we will be in the 50's all day at the coast and low-to-mid 60's at lunch time and nice to be out of the but the breeze will pick up so if you are having lunch outside, it will feel cooler especially if you are in the shade. slightly cooler tomorrow by a degree or two and the warm of the day is sunday. >> we will follow weather and the two big traffic problems in san jose and in sausalito. >> it is march so you must be feeling the madness, the cal bears moving on after knocking on unlv. >> a small dog and a big heartache after a pet is stolen heartache after a pet is stolen on bart and the owner [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go.
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even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> good morning from the traffic center looking at the golden gate bridge, just from the waldo tunnel, boulders blocking the two right lanes, several cars hit them, or they hit the cars and now the two right lanes are blocked and we have slow traffic up and over the waldo grade and following this.
5:42 am
abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is there with an alternate route when we come back in a couple of michigans. >> vallejo police are asking for help fining a man who assaulted woman on sunday afternoon on a park trail. investigators released a sketch of the man would grabbed a woman on one of the trails at the park, saying he came up from behind and choked her and tried to drag her to a creek but she fought back and escaped. the man is described as 5' 10" weighing 210 pounds and last seen driving away in an acura with gray primer on the bumper. >> woman is desperate to find her dog after she says it was stillen while sleeping on the bart train. the woman woke up to find her one-year-old archie dog gone, who helps her cope with anxiety she dealt with since surviving a
5:43 am
plane crash as a child. they were coming home from a fundraising event when he disappeared. she felt asleep between san francisco and millbrae. >> i cannot wrap it around my head. i would do anything to get him back. anything. >> the $3,000 reward is offered. she and her husband have posted flyers the every bart station between san francisco and millbrae and bart police will look at surveillance video. >> the star attractions of the monterey acame are back this weekend after six months much the sea otters are returning tomorrow after being taken off displace to renovate their tank. the $3 million project is complete, the sea otters will be back in the public tank and upgraded for everyone to see. >> march madness hit as friend difficult in berkeley and cal
5:44 am
upset unlv at tank. cal was led by -- whoa, whoa, way to go. >> he scored 19 points and grabbed nine rebounds and held the rebels for 11 minutes without a point. they stunned unlv and bears take on syracuse tomorrow. the other bay area team, st. mary's unfortunately, they lost to memphis and has been eliminated. >> bummer but thank you for bringing me in to cheer for my cal bears. >> we have serious traffic issues to talk about this morning in the north bay and the south bay. the good news with traffic getting through slowly. >> yes, good morning, everyone. two separate sig-alerts golden gate bridge north of here and the wall drove grade coming out of here and two boulders or more
5:45 am
on the roadway, and they have hit the cars. the right lanes are blocked. there are two last lanes getting by. traffic is stacked up you will the wall drove grade and down to sausalito. you can get through sausalito surface streets on to alexander but the best alternate is to take the richmond san rafael bridge to get around this for the next little while or the golden gate bridge ferry, the sausalito ferry has a boat leaving at 7:10 and golden gate bridge at 5:50 and then every 30 minutes after that, this is another gray way. in san jose we have a fatality happening at 3:15, southbound 280, emergency crews are russ obviously on the scene and the regulation is ongoing with threatt right lanes blocked and the left lane is getting by and the alternate is 880 north to 101 south to get around it. mike? >> good morning, everyone, 5:48 on a friday. live doppler 7 hd shows no need to worry about anything
5:46 am
pertaining to wet weather in this forecast. we have ben dry air over us again. it is coming in on quick breezes. you can see we have a wind advisory until 7:00 this evening if you are travel through the central valley. a beautiful picket of the bay bridge this o. we have 47 in san francisco, san jose, warmer in oakland at 48, and cooler at walnut creek and palo alto at 41 and 40 and mill valley is 48 degrees. we have a little bit of a breeze so it feels cooler than the temperatures would reflect. in santa rosa it is 43 and napa is 39 but fairfield is at 52 and livermore is 40 and los gatos 41 and hayward 44. today you can see a ton of sunshine and bright and breezy and mild to warm this weekend and our next chance of rain is wednesday and thursday. two areas of high pressure dominating our weather including one bringing the offshore wind and the reason it will be so dry
5:47 am
and warmer with temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's in the south bay with santa clara at 70 and in the mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and our fastest wind at the coast in the upper 50's to near 60 and mid-60's for downtown and south san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's for most of the north bay valley and santa rosa is at 72 and windy at the beeps to mid-to-upper 50's and upper 60's in the east bay and up to 70 in the east bay valley. in the 30's i land tonight, and low-to-mid 40's to the bay shore and the chest. the seven-day outlook shows sunday is the warm it afternoon. our coolest is wednesday and thursday next week with a chance of rain both days. >> avoiding a government shut down, one step that much ofs to make sure that cuts are not made across the country. >> first, he travels to north korea. now google chairman is in another far-flung country this morning. the goal behind this trip is
5:48 am
ahead. >> coming up at 6:00, he killed four people across southern california including two police officers. who is now fighting for the reward money in
5:49 am
5:50 am
>> good morning, again, a live shot of the wall -- waldo grade,
5:51 am
with barreleders on the roadway, because of a rock slide and two right lanes are blocked with c.h.p. on the scene. traffic is crawling. the two left lanes are getting by now. we have great alternate routes. we will be discussing that in a couple of minutes and southbound 101 a sig-alert is in affect from the waldo tunnel. >> better than when all lanes were blocked. a stopgap spending bill to avoid a government shut down is awaiting president obama's signature, the $980 billion measure cleared the house of representatives funding day-to-day operations through the end of september and leaves if place automatic spending cuts to domestic programs and the pentagon but it eases the impact of other cuts. >> google's executive chairman is in myammar, one of the largest untapped tech markets
5:52 am
and meeting with the president to push for free speech and private sector development. myammar, formally known as burma is coming from decades of military rule and international sanctions and undergoing dramatic political and economic reform. internet access is still rare only a small part of the 50 million residents have access to cell phones, but the visit comes after trips to india, libya, afghanistan, and north korea. >> drivers in the north bay and the south bay have been fighting signature alerts. >> we have you covered. >> southbound 101 coming from the waldo tunnel we have a look at the golden gate bridge now, a few cars coming by and you can access the golden gate bridge from alexander avenue through sausalito but that is not great. richmond san rafael bridge is a lovely way do go to avoid the commute, southbound 101, sky 7
5:53 am
live coming from the waldo tunnel, c.h.p. is on the scene, and the two left lanes are getting by but traffic on the waldo is bumper to bumper from sausalito up and over to the boulders. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is on the scene and said this is a boulder the size of a big truck driver that crunched into a mercedes on the side of the road. southbound 101, two left lanes are getting by through the waldo tunnel. mike? >> thank you, sue, no weather worries. look at this. how about that? we looking at live doppler 7 hd with high pressure and offshore wind bringing sunshine to monterey and 60 and upper 60's to low 70's and winds through the central valley and 45 in tahoe and 77 in los angeles, and 88 in palm springs. if you are headed to tahoe, it will not be slowing like this,
5:54 am
it will be warmer-than-average at 45 and near 50 offer the weekend the safe travels. >> a new survey ranks marin the health of the county in the state. the bad news is that alcohol remains a problem of the here is the breakdown for you, for the 4th year in a row marin is at top of the list in lowest premature death and adult obesity and the lowest number of deadly car crashes but the annual survey shows 25 percent of marin residents drink too much compared with the state-wide average of 17 percent. the university of wisconsin population health institute and the robert woods johnson foundation conducted the survey. >> the same team that linked sugar drinks to 25,000 deaths a year now says that salt could be even worse. the study concludes that one in ten americans die from ailments caused by eating too much salt. they looked at surveys on sodium intake and relationship to heart
5:55 am
attack and stroke adding to the evidence that salty and packaged and processed food can take a heavy toll on heart health much the study is presented by the american heart association annual meeting in new orleans. >> next, breaking news on the bay area roadways, we continue to follow that and you could face very tough friday morning commute. boulders have fallen on highway 101 in marin county closing some of the lanes headed to the golden gate bridge. >> in the south bay, a live picture of highway 280, the other sig-alert where lanes are blocked and police try to find out how a woman's body ended up on the
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> it is now 6:00 a.m., a lost breaking news going on this morning but we begin with southbound 101 in marin county. >> we will check with cornell
5:58 am
bernard who is live on the scene where the boulders are in the road and lanes are block. >> southbound 101 it is slow approaching the golden gate bridge beyond the tunnel, to lanes on the left-hand side are now open but here is the reason: large rocks have fallen from the cliff on to the freeway and have crashed through this chain link fence. some of the rocks have jumped over the fence, smashing on to the two right lanes of southbound 101 beyond the waldo tunnel. i have counted at least five cars that have hit the rocks sitting in the middle of the road. it was very dark and it happened in the last 45 minutes much the cars have crashed into the rocks because they did not see them. in fact, we are -- a lost rock
5:59 am
now is falling on to the freeway we have been doled bit c.h.p. to move away from the area. we had a mini landslide with a bunch of rocks falling on to the freeway. a mercedes benz s.u.v. smashed into the rock and has extensive front-end damage to that vehicle. c.h.p. and caltran are trying to figure out the next move they want to keep two right lanes closed because the rock is extremely unstable here. i talked to a man who was coming through, driving a dodge and the two front tires were punctured and he had to pull over and no one was hurt, so far. again, c.h.p. and caltran are trying to assess what will happen next. we see a c.h.p. officer down there with a

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